Cutting Edge Technology

Tired of waxing your car or truck? No more swirl marks!

New ceramic coating is guaranteed for 5 years and will stand up to harsh environmental conditions. Once treated, your vehicle will repel water and keeps looking brand new with a showroom shine.

Understanding Ceramic Coatings

In basic terms, we are talking about fusing extremely small micro-grains of glass particles to the painted surface of the vehicle. Clear coat (the shiny top-surface on a vehicle) has high-gloss aesthetics – but offer inferior protective qualities against scratches, bird droppings, UV rays and atmospheric pollutants. These elements collect on your paint and create a dull and rough surface on the clear coat. Moisture sticks to the surface. The only remedy is to wash the vehicle resulting in further breakdown of the clear coast finish every time you wash. Pro ceramic glass protection protects against this surface breakdown for 5 years.

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