mobile Car Wash Trailer

We provide the finest full service of Mobile Car Wash and auto detailing in London.  Our service provides you with the best interior and exterior detailing while you do something else, such as work.  We come to you, anytime, anywhere. (In London Area)

Our mobile unit which is fully equipped with its own water and power supply, comes to your home or business.  Our detailers use on the top the line tools and highest quality eco-friendly chemicals.  This allows us to provide your automobile with the finest professional detailing available in London Ontario.

The convenience of having a an Bob Cooks Auto Detailing come to your home or business saves you time have to wait in traffic to make it to our facility, long lines at washes, leaving your car at a dealership, or waiting for a pickup.  Life is just too busy.  So leave it up an Bob Books Auto Detailing take care of your needs.

Professional detailing can:

  • Remove damaging paint contaminants: Brake dust and environmental contaminants such as tree sap, bird droppings, or bug spatter can cause permanent damage if not removed properly.
  • Protect and maintain paint: A regular professional clay bar treatment and waxing maintains the longevity of your vehicles paint and adds a layer of protection from UV and airborne pollutants
  • Remove paint scratches and swirls:  Using a professional polishing technique, Bob Cook’s can remove minor scratches and paint swirls which can reduce your vehicle resale value.
  • Protect Interior leather:  A leather conditioning treatment protects leather from harsh UV rays and normal driving wear including cracking and fading while keeping soft for years to come.
  • Remove germs and clean fabric: Bob Cook’s heated professional extractor will clean spills and stains while removing bacteria from your carpet and seats.


We look forward to serving you!