How do we better protect your car against road salt?

In order to properly protect our cars throughout the winter from road salt, we should therefore remember to care not only for the bodywork but wheel arches, door seams and door rubber and wheels.

Starting with the bodywork and wheel wells, a late fall application of either a high quality synthetic polymer sealant or a high quality natural carnauba wax will be sufficient to protect the paint system properly through the winter months.

Moving on to your wheels, we can’t stress enough how important it is to clean your wheel rims regularly throughout the winter months.   We recommend spending an initial pre-winter preparation removing, cleaning and protecting your wheels prior to the onset of the first frost.  Multiple layers of a good quality high temperature resistant wheel sealant should be applied at this time, and top up applications could be added when opportunities arise throughout the winter months.

We also apply prepare the rubber gaskets around the door frames to prevent doors from freezing shut.


Bob Cooks Winter Wax package   (for car sized vehicles)      $99 + HST

  • Hand wash / chamois dry
  • Hand wax with top-grade Carnauba wax with 40% Teflon. This wax dries to a
    hard long-lasting finish, good for 30 washes.
  • Wax Door jams
  • Rain-x glass treatment
  • Protect rubber gaskets around door frames
  • Power wash wheel wells / rims and protect with sealant
  • Scrub/dress tires